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  • Department of Politics and International Relations
    Edward Wright Annex Room G06/008
    University of Aberdeen
    Kings College
    Old Aberdeen
    AB24 3QY
  • The primary concern of my PhD research is to explain the evident gap between knowledge/understanding of democratisation as an emancipatory process (transition of states from ‘bad’ regime types (authoritarian) to the “good” regime type of liberal democracy) and the contradictory outcomes of democratisation policy and practices in the form of for instance, 'hybrid regimes' such as “illiberal” or “Arab” democracies. To account for this “gap” I am employing an analytical framework based on the “knowledge-policy-practice” cycle. This will demonstrate the hegemony of liberally modelled categories of democracy (civil society; governance; and market economics), and explain how these hegemonic discursive categories function/perform to create the gap that exists between knowledge and the reality of democratisation in the Middle East and Latin America.

    In sum, the performativity of the dominant liberal paradigm of democratisation/democracy promotion is implicated in producing the increasingly evident non-democratic outcomes in the target states of democracy assistance/promotion policies stemming from Western actors such as the US and EU.

    I am also interested in exploring innovative methodologies to bridge the unhelpful stalemate within IR between positivist and post-positivst approaches.

    In the past I have written on critical (Gramsci) and post-structural theory, the War on Terror, US Foreign Policy, Democracy, and Public International Law. My current focus is on Foucauldian theory, democracy and democratisation policy and practices.edit
  • Dr. Andrea Teti, Dr. Patrick Bernhagenedit
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